Shine Boost Without Moringa? Nanoil Castor Oil

Nobody wants to have matte and dull hair that looks weak and damaged. Luckily, there are two oils that greatly enhance natural shine and beauty of strands: moringa oil and castor oil. If you care for receiving marked effects, it’s better to go for castor oil.

The finest castor oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, organic and labeled by Nanoil brand.

nanoil castor oil hair oil

Nanoil Castor Oil is the best choice because it:

  • is extracted due to the cold pressing process and remains unrefined, which means that the oil isn’t deprived of its nutrients.
  • contains a huge concentration of ricinoleic acid that is antibacterial and gifts the oil with unique properties.
  • has an ultra-light consistency that neither creates greasy layer nor does it overburden, but penetrates in no time and works from the inside.

The purpose of castor oil

To begin with, hair care isn’t the only application that castor oil offers, however, this is the most common way of making use of this natural beauty oil.

Castor oil is known for its bactericidal properties, which is why, the oil is perfectly suitable to be used to take off makeup and condition face skin.

Apart from offering applications in hair and skin care, castor oil is also recommended to take care of nails, especially those damaged and splitting – castor oil makes them stronger and smooth.

What does 100% Castor Oil by Nanoil hide?

If you want to gift your hair with shine, it might appear to be more beneficial to reach for castor oil instead of moringa oil.

It’d be even better to reach for Nanoil Castor Oil since it contains nothing above cold-pressed and unrefined oil extracted from castor beans. This natural beauty oil is free from parabens, silicones, synthetic aromas and chemical shine boosters.

The key constituent in castor oil is ricinoleic acid that exhibits antibacterial properties. Also, the oil contains other valuable acids, yet in lower concentrations. Vitamins A+E make a nourishing duo that skin and hair need to become and remain in a good condition.

nanoil castor oil hair oil

What are the benefits of using Nanoil Castor Oil?

A dark glass bottle hides a cosmetic that originates straight from nature and provides startling effects not only to hair but also to skin and nails.

The most important properties of Nanoil Castor Oil:

  • has proven bactericidal effect.
  • reinforces and stimulates hair bulbs to work more effectively.
  • conditions, nourishes and boosts moisture level.
  • darkens natural hair color.
  • adds definitely more shine to skin and strands.
  • reduces acne and deals with other skin conditions.
  • minimizes dandruff and soothes scalp.
  • effectively combats hair thinning.
  • cleanses and detoxifies.

Using Castor Oil by Nanoil regularly is all what takes to notice hair, skin and nails becoming more beautiful, stronger, full of shine and simply healthier – in just 1-2 weeks of daily use!

Application of Castor Oil

Regularity is what is crucial in terms of castor oil use. This means that this natural beauty oil is supposed to be applied every day or prior to every hair washing.

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There are dozens ways in which the oil can be applied – it’s the creativity and needs that determine how you will use castor oil. In most cases it helps remove makeup. To do it, dampen a cotton pad with warm water and then add a few drops of castor oil. Then start wiping your face with the cotton pad and wash the skin with tap water. In this way you will free your face from impurities.

Also, castor oil is often used as a hair growth boosting agent. When rubbed into scalp, it doesn’t only stop hair from falling out but also encourages its accelerated growth. If you want to achieve dramatic effects, keep applying the oil to scalp regularly by massaging it with the fingertips. Moreover, castor oil is perfectly suitable to be introduced into hair oil treatment (best if blended with other natural oils). No matter if you apply the oil hot or not, always do this before washing hair.

What’s interesting, Nanoil Castor Oil finds its application in fingernail care too. The oil leaves nails nourished and noticeably stronger. When it comes to the use, it has to be spread alike conditioners or butters by rubbing it into nail plate for a few minutes until the small amount of castor oil gets fully absorbed.

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