Moringa oil for hair - the source of precious omega-9 acids

First notes on how moringa oil was used in cosmetology come from 1400 BCE. This is one of the most resistant to heating vegetable oils. Very stable with slightly yellowish colour, delicate scent of nut and sweet taste. What can moringa oil do for your hair?

If you look for oil that is natural and does not go rancid too fast, moringa oil is the perfect choice for you. Even after opening it and storing without protection of any kind, it preserves its properties even up to 5 years! This is a lot, especially when you take into consideration that most of natural cosmetics is no longer suitable for use after few months or even weeks.

Moringa oil – a handful of facts:

  • Cold pressed from the seeds of, so called the miracle tree.
  • Moringa oil is a non-drying oil.
  • Stable and resistant to going rancid.
  • Does not lose its properties after heating up.
  • Contains even 85% of oleic acid.
  • Solidifies when stored in the fridge.
  • In the composition similar to olive oil.

For what hair types is moringa oil best?

Moringa oil is brilliant for medium porosity hair due to high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids. These have suitable size particles for the structure of damaged and dry hair. This is why it is good to try moringa seed oil, when you want to improve hair condition and appearance of weak hair.

How does moringa oil work?

This is natural antioxidant with rejuvenating and softening properties. Moringa oil in great way works not only on hair, but also skin. Perfectly moisturises and regulates level of hair hydration. Properties of moringa oil allow nourishment, that medium porosity hair lack. Besides, moringa oil cleanses, stabilises sebum secretion, lightens, ensures elasticity and smoother.

How should you use moringa oil?

The indisputable advantage of moringa oil is its resistance to high temperature. Thanks to it, without any worries moringa oil can be heated up before application, so that it worked more effectively. The temperature should be a bit higher than the standard, but not too high to avoid burns. The heat of moringa oil will make hair cuticles raise and oil will be better absorbed by hair. Just remember that after hair oiling you need to seal the cuticles with, e.g. cold air from the blow dryer or sour vinegar rinse.